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Lighting Management Solutions

Lighting represents a significant source of expense and waste for many businesses. Inefficient lighting management can affect your bottom line and lead to unnecessary emissions waste further polluting our environment. Taking control over your business’s operations, such as lighting, is essential to successfully manage consumption and waste. GSE has developed innovative, first-in-class commercial energy management solutions to help your business save money and energy on its operations.

Monitor and Control Your Lighting Schedules with GSE’s Viridis Technology

Utilizing GSE’s state-of-the-art commercial energy monitoring system Viridis gives your company more control over operations such as lighting. Creating custom lighting schedules to fit each business's unique needs reduces overconsumption and unnecessary energy expenses. Our easy-to-use software helps establish more efficient lighting schedules to fit any business’s needs. Viridis has already helped several multinational convenience stores and restaurant corporations monitor and manage their operational efficiency and energy consumption across hundreds of individual locations.

GSE’s operation center is staffed with 70 full-time engineers that specialize in commercial energy management. Our highly-skilled, knowledgeable engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide real-time reports of your business’s vital operations. Additionally, our engineers actively monitor your equipment status and energy usage around-the-clock in order to alert you at the first sign of a malfunction. Our cost-effective solutions help your company run more smoothly and efficiently.

Reduce Lighting Expenses and Overconsumption
Manage and Schedule Lighting Operations
Monitor Lighting Energy Usage
Receive Real-Time Reports and Equipment Diagnostics
24/7 Access to Expert Commercial Energy Engineers

We develop energy-efficient solutions to provide companies like yours with reliable, effective commercial energy management services. Don’t waste money and energy on inefficient lighting. Contact GSE today and receive a customized energy-saving plan for your company.

Reduce Your Company’s Energy Consumption with GSE

Many companies have collaborated with GSE to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Our holistic commercial energy management solutions have helped successful businesses invest in sustainable growth.

Proven energy savings
Food Safety
Equipment Maintenance
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