From the back of house to the front offices, GSE provides data-driven, practical solutions for all of your operational challenges.

GSE partners with clients to take on their most complex challenges and pioneer innovative solutions that make a positive, lasting impact on their businesses and the world around us.


Energy Management

Clients trust GSE’s energy management services to help reduce costs by $520/month per location. With energy prices steadily rising over the last decade, our commercial energy management solutions rely on real-time data to help your company use less energy and avoid tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Equipment Maintenance Tracking

Improving asset life, validating maintenance, and reducing run-time are the core objectives of our equipment maintenance practice. With the help of GSE reports and strategies, asset life for HVACs and walk-ins can be extended by up to 20%.

Gas and Utility Management

GSE's management solutions will help you gain insights into your company’s water, gas, electricity, and other utility consumption. The combined power of our technology, around-the-clock monitoring, and real-time engineering team companies with the latest, industry-best tools and expertise to optimize operational performance and efficiency. Prevent overconsumption of gas, water, and other systems and improve your bottom line by integrating GSE’s commercial energy management solutions into your business.

Kitchen Equipment Monitoring

We have worked tirelessly to optimize all restaurant operations, including kitchen equipment. Mismanaged equipment accounts for overconsumption that balloons utility expenses and risks damaging equipment. Conversely, overuse of critical equipment threatens the quality of inventory, customers’ safety, and financial stability. GSE has helped hundreds of quick-service and casual dining restaurants boost operational efficiency and monitor their essential equipment.

Lighting Management Solutions

Lighting is an essential factor in your business’s customer satisfaction, branding, and image. Would a customer enter a location if the external lights aren’t working? Inefficient lighting management can affect your bottom line and lead to unnecessary emissions waste, further polluting our environment. GSE has developed innovative commercial energy management solutions to help your business save money and energy. In 2022, our energy and lighting management solutions saved one casual dining chain 173,466 kWh, or $357,318 across 189 of its restaurants in lighting alone.


GSE has helped multinational convenience stores and restaurants safeguard their equipment, food safety, and expenses from crippling inefficiencies. For example, using GSE’s service, 92% of cold-storage chambers become NSF-compliant in one fast-casual restaurant chain compared to 53% before. By GSE monitoring and controlling walkins, we make sure your temperature is optimal for the safety of the food, in line with corporate guidelines, and can keep up to 24 months of data for risk assurance.


  • Energy and operational savings between 16-25% in banks, restaurants, and self-service stores
  • Helped a client save approximately 44,542,697 kWh in energy over one year
  • Avoided releasing 34,800 tons of GHG emissions – or enough to power 5,734 homes for one year

Our Engineering Center

Across the globe, our engineers push the boundaries of operational excellence to transform businesses and the environment. GSE’s professionals provide expertise backed by our proprietary technology solution to improve operational efficiencies and reduce energy, water, and gas consumption.

Real-time alerts are reviewed around the clock to create solutions that empower your business to make cost-effective decisions and mitigate waste. Our clients benefit from GSE’s data-backed, customized solutions. Every day, our team of engineers:

  • monitors and identifies malfunctioning equipment
  • increases HVAC efficiency and reliability
  • tracks and regulates walk-in temperatures
  • pulls real-time reports on energy usage and operations
  • reduces energy usage, expenses, and product waste
  • 24/7 access to our team of engineers

Whether it’s a restaurant, bank, retail, or convenience store, our experienced professionals work closely with our clients to achieve the most optimized operations.